Change is defined as; to alter, to exchange, or what is left after you break a dollar! True change however requires the application of engineering and/or technology to solve mankind's problems. The United States is the world's leader in applying innovative technical/engineering solutions. We see no reason for this to "change". The change Americans want is to regain our economy. Our shrinking economy is the most important emergency the United States has faced since World War II. We have seen no one with a plan to improve it. Increasing taxes and/or increasing welfare will shrink it further.

If you project the existing oil cost increases; the effects on the United States, our economy and our citizens are disastrous. What is now happening to our economy will equate to just the tip of an iceberg. Following are some changes that the United States has the technology to apply to solve our problems and to retain the position of a world leader. We believe that changes such as these are required if the United States is to retain its ability to care for its citizens. If you agree, let let your elected officals know, vote for those with a "TRUE CHANGE" plan.

If you have additions you think should be added, email us; We are planning to expand not only the ideas but their data and backup. We welcome your inputs.

1. To provide for our energy requirements and to reduce dependence upon foreign oil we must expand the United States electricity generation base. The present capacity could not supply more than 10% of cars if they were plug-in electric, unless charging was limited to off peak only. It is also a heavy polluter and consumer of fossil fuel. We need a geographically distributed electrical generating system using fast breeder reactors.(i) They will both reduce polution and begin to consume the "forever waste" of the current conventional reactors. Due to real security issues they should/must be located on U.S. Military bases. We note that the U.S. Navy has extensive experience operating reactors and as such they are most equipped to implement this project. We should fully utilize the "Economy of Scale" principle. It is much cheaper to build hundreds identical anything than it is to build them all different. Design and build the highly radioactive part as replaceable modules for easy service. This is an idea borrowed from U.S. Navy submarine practice. Build a number of spare unloaded radioactive parts for each facility so that a problem does not shut down an entire facility.

2. To increase our home grown oil supply and to reduce coal burning emissions use the excess heat from the fast breeder reactors to convert United States coal into super clean diesel fuel by the Fisher-Tropsch (F-T) process.(ii) This project could make 48 billion gallons of diesel fuel per year just using the coal saved by using the fast breeder reactors to generate electricity. Even more diesel using additional United States Coal. The super clean aspects of a coal to oil process are a bonus! The process can scrub out the sulfur and other minerals in the coal and collect them for sale as valuable minerals. Fund research to modify the process or to find an additive/s to make a gasoline like fuel for conventional autos.

3. Profit from the sale of electricity and excess heat operations would provide the Federal Government with a new stream of revenue. These programs will reach break even in a very short period. The program is totally different from most other government programs. This program increases the U.S. Treasury balances after a few years. Almost any other program costs the U.S Treasury forever. These programs will also provide a reduction in oil pricing and reduce our need to be involved in the middle east. We stop moving money from our economy directly to the treasuries of oil producing nations.

4. Reduce the use of corn conversion to ethanol and its effect on food stocks. Build large hydroponic farms that grow algae, grass or an other crop with little unusable material that are flooded with high intensity light 24 hours a day to maximize photosynthesis and consumption of CO2. Run the light and temperature controls from electricity and waste heat from the fast breeder reactors. Recycle this crop as a feed stock for the coal to oil process and/or ethanol production.

5. Reduce air transportation pollution and fuel use. Fund "Bullet Trains" between major population centers. New York to Los Angeles would be possible in less than 10 hours at 300 MPH. Chicago to Los Angeles in less than 7 hours and Chicago to New York in less than 3 hours.

6. Reduce river flooding and the costs associated with it. Most levees along rivers only move the problem, fail and then make it worse. Instead of hundreds of acres with feet of flood water provide pumps and an irrigation system that allow thousands of acres to have a few inches maximum.


i. "Smarter Use of Nuclear Waste", Scientific American December 2005 issue
ii. Sasol Ltd. In South Africa using the Fischer-Tropsch process produces 160,000 barrels (6,700,000 gallons) of ultra clean diesel fuel per day from coal.

Revised ... June 31, 2008